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Lunar Trades

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The Lunar Trades Suite contains two bots for Bitcoin – a short-term scalper on the thirty minute charts and a long-term swing trader on daily charts.  The intent for both is to get good entries to stay active in the market when it is trending or in a sideways movement.

Lunar Trades also includes intelligence to not trade on the weekends when volume has been statistically low and to not always be in a position.  The swing trade will hold a position in a trend for as long as possible to maximize profits.

Bringing the best of both worlds and with the custom position size settings – a trader can use this suite to customize their risk to suit their portfolio growth needs.

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$95.00 / month

What Is Crypto Bots Hub

Crypto Bots Hub is a service that supports the automation of bots and signals from professional traders.  As a user of our platform, you are in control of the leverage and percent of equity you want to trade with - putting you in full control of your money management.

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