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Frequently Asked Questions

What settings should I use?

We recommend the default settings as shown in the video tutorial. I.e. 4% of equity, 3x leverage for each bot. Our backtest data is based on these settings and we cannot comment on the performance of the bot if greater equity or leverage is utilised.

Why are some numbers green and some red?

A green number indicates that the bot has taken a long position, whereas a red number indicates that the bot has placed a short order at that price

I’ve deposited funds and there is a ‘current signal’, however nothing is happening on my BitMEX account?

The bot will not enter any trades until the next signal becomes available.

What does the red dot next to my ‘current signal’ mean?

The bot has placed an order in relation to the signal

Why do some bots not place trades on the weekend?

Due to aberrant volume in the crypto markets during the weekend, some bots will not place trades between Friday 4pm and Sunday 2pm EST. If a trade is entered just before 2pm on a Friday, bots will continue to manage the position until it deems fit to close.
Most trend bots are unaffected by this rule and will open/close trades 24/7.

What are the ‘current signals’?

The current signals are the entries that the bot has identified. If your bot is turned on, the bot will automatically enter you into a position as close to the signal price as the orderbook allows.

How many trades will it place per week?

Each bot is different.  Trend bots will rarely signal more than one trade per 1-2 week.  Whereas, scalper bots will often make at least one trade every 48 hours.

Do I need to have BitMEX or Crypto Bots Hub open for the bot to operate?

No.  You can get the signals via notifications.

Can I run both bots on the same account?

NO! You must use two separate Bitmex accounts. One for each bot you subscribe to.

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