Automated Crypto Trading

The marketplace is an automation front-end that allows for trading on popular exchanges.  We host algorithmic trading bots as well as trader signals from leading crypto traders.  Choose one, many, or all.

Trusted & Secure

Why Choose Our Marketplace?

The marketplace is a safe and easy way for traders to follow algo trading bots with a track record of success as well as professional traders as they trade.

Crypto Bots Hub is a platform for professional traders to host their bots and signals service.  As a user, you can register to one or many of these bots and signal services and setup the percent risk of your account and the leverage you want to trade.  In the case where there are multiple cryptocurrencies traded, you can set this money management on each individual pair as well.

All of our bots and traders are different, however for now we support BitMex,  Bitfinex, and more exchanges on our platform.  Your account information and API keys are all encrypted and secure – even we as administrators can’t see this information!

A Little More About Us

Marketplace Features

Algo Trading

We offer trading bots that have been tested with our own money in real life markets.  These are developed by professional traders and offered on our platform to easily deal with the complications of automated trading with exchange APIs.  You can pick which bots match your style, the money management that fits your risk profile, and our portal does the rest for you.

Professional Traders

Our service also offers subscriptions that connect you with professional traders.  As these professional traders place trades, they are entered in your account as limit orders with entries, take profits, and stop losses all based on the professional trader.  Its like having your own personal pro in your pocket!

Discord Support

As a member, you will get full access to our Private Discord Server where you can get access to our growing online community of 100+ traders, support from the developers at Crypto Bots Hub, and private subscribers access to the professional traders that developed the algos and that you are following.


All of your information is secure with us.  All of your personal data will never be shared with anyone, all of our services are hosted on AWS infrastructure, all your passwords and web access is done via https, and all of your exchange API information is encrypted.  We take your personal data and security very seriously.

Manage Risk

You are in full control of your account in terms of percent of risk and the leverage you want to use.  Crypto Bots Hub supplies a service platform, you are the one in control.

Always Updated

All the bots and platform that runs CBH are consistently maintened and updated and these are included with your subscriptions.

"I'm completely done using autoview. I’ve found it to be buggy not placing stops sometimes, not placing trades occassionally, and its not very user friendly. I want the easiest software for automation that doesn’t require a computer to be on 24/7 and i think CBH will solve all of these things so that is what i’ll be using."

Fibonacci30/@Fibonacci30 – Notorious Creator

"+1 for CBH, I’ve used it for other bots in the past. Had 0 errors and they were still in beta stage at that time."

J-max – CBH User

"Gotta admit this was super easy to set up…was sitting on the fence about automation for awhile due to autoview horror stories (missing signals as a results)…looking forward to worry free trading."

Oopsiwon – CBH User

"Subscribed. I’ll give it a shot. Autoview + tradingview + vps….really is too many moving parts."

Trey – CBH User

"Wow guys, this was easier than expected...I can already feel that CBH is going to be way smoother to operate than Autoview"

Mr. Birdman – CBH User

"Just finished setting the bot up in a matter of minutes. Really easy, not technical knowledge needed at all. Thx CBH!"

Emi Kid Boy – CBH User

"Thanks setting CBH up was effortless. All set to go with full automation."

Project – CBH User

Interexchange – CBH User

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24/7 Winning Support

We provide full support for our users via a private Discord server that you will be invited to upon registration.

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You are in full control of your subscription and you can cancel at anytime.  Simply login to your account to manage your settings.

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